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Many others followed in his wake, including Neil Strauss, the author of the best-selling book “The Game.” From there, the floodgates opened. And soon the few thousand geeks gathered sharing their “secrets” with one another turned into hundreds of thousands, and then millions. A multi-million dollar industry was born and still thrives to this day.

And as the landscape of “the community” evolved, so did the content in which was created.

I couldn’t imagine myself with anyone else, much less being happy with anyone else.

A few months later, it was by chance that I stumbled across “The Game” in my local bookstore.

I had to see for myself how vile and decrepit this guy was, right? The prospect of not only taking control of my love life (where I had recently been so hurt), but finally becoming the “cool” player that I had always wanted to be, and having massive amounts of sex with hot girls — it was all too much to resist.

It took me three months to work up the nerve to approach a girl.

From Heartbreak to Glory Times In 2005, I underwent one of the most traumatizing moments of my young 21-year-old life.

My girlfriend at the time, my high school sweetheart, suddenly left me for another guy.

As usual, the last one to realize that the relationship was completely falling apart was the man in it.

If you had asked me the day before, I would have told you this was the girl that I would end up marrying.

I was so nervous that I immediately apologized for talking to her.