i got this error: i opened up winamp, which i have it set to automatically scana folder to the media library on open.

I went to the settings when i opened it to click the rescan now button because i forgot that i had it set to automatically do it on open.

BTW: You can delete the old/unwanted post by clicking on "Edit" and then on "Delete"Well, I tried to run the player with admin rights and the message didn't appear after closing. So, with admin rights or not the message is not coming back As for the unwanted post, I really want to remove it but I cannot find "delete" after clicking Edit...

winamp library error error updating db file on disk-11

I'm not on the computer that has the problem right now.

t=5865) If you have a media library problem, there are two choices to select: Initialize the data folder of media library under kmp folder or just delete gen_in plugin folder.

Connect Store software) then there's an Open MG decoder on their system... 2) No matter what you name an Open MG file, you CANNOT play or convert that file on a computer other than the one it was ripped to or purchased from. Take one of your Open MG files (as-is OR renamed to mp3/wma -- doesn't matter) and try to play it back on a different computer.

WMP finds that and tries to play the file back with it. The DRM ensures that the file is "authorized" for only the original computer. You can try every conversion method mentioned in the above thread, but if you're starting with an unauthorized Open MG file (one that wasn't created on or purchased with your computer) NOTHING WILL WORK...

If that does not work try a full uninstall/reinstall of Winamp 5. I just thought I remember seeing 2.8, but it could have easily been 2.9 or 3 I know that the folder has write access.

I'll have to check on the corrupted file suggestion.

I'm going to try consolidate the nuggets of truth in the above thread and add a few that were not mentioned there. Contrary to several claims in the above thread, they are NOT "disguised" or renamed MP3 files or WMA files.

The reason people can play Open MG files renamed to .mp3 or in Windows Media Player is because that player is designed to be idiot-proof.

t=4838&page=1&pp=15), and was amazed at the high BS-to-fact ratio.

If you want some real facts about Atrac3/Open MG (. OMG) file conversion, please read this entire post... OMG) files are files in Sony ATRAC3 (or Atrac3plus) format that have been wrapped in DRM.

Just give permission to your user to thes file gen_and the pasts the kmplayer ang plug in.