People sometimes try to use the word codependency to describe people in narcissistic relationships, but it’s a little different.

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It isn’t unusual to see people feeling depressed, anxious, and full of self-doubt."The book lays out 30 characteristics that you see in narcissists.

Their self-esteem plummets, they don’t eat as well, and they don’t exercise.

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Durvasula is a researcher, professor, therapist, and the author of problem of our time in terms of relationships." She explains that this has a lot to do with how the rise of social media has us living in a world that considers narcissism a virtue.

Durvasula how to tell if we're dating a narcissist — and whether or not it's really worth trying to make it work.

The person in the narcissistic relationship keeps trying to make excuses around that." What is co-narcissism?