However, impromptu saxophone playing isn't always welcomed with open arms in the States.In 2011, self-proclaimed sexy sax man Sergio Flores infuriated security guards in LA when he played Careless Whisper, topless, in a variety of locations including a mall and upmarket shopping district The Grove.

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Former star Karent Sierra attended the soiree and tells E! "When they got married in Aspen, it was very small and intimate—just her parents, her sister and nephews and his mom and his three sons," she tells us. They wanted us to feel like we were right back in Aspen with them, so it had a Winter Wonderland theme."Their themed affair was a night to remember, decked out with winter accessories such as a snowmaking machine. News that that Fuentes, who is vegan, had a menu that was soup-to-nuts.

"There were romantic touches throughout—the couple played a loop of their Aspen nuptials on a big screen in the London Penthouse's Media Room," an eyewitness tells us. "The chef made incredible vegan food even vegan Wellington and plenty of vegan sushi," the eyewitness tells us.

August 1993 - Present Sugar Ray Leonard and Bernadette Robi met at a Luther Vandross concert in 1989 when they were introduced by Kenny G.

They were married in August, 1993, and have two children: Camille and Daniel Ray.

Trott, who has previously been in a relationship with fellow cyclist Sam Harrison, hinted at the pair’s blossoming romance earlier this week, when she celebrated Kenny’s success on Twitter with the message: “Soo happy for jason :-) x” The pair were photographed in the stands at the all-American beach volleyball final last night.

They were joined by Prince Harry, who sat by Trott’s side, with David Beckham and his three sons in front.Saying "I Do" once wasn't enough for Daisy Fuentes and Richard Marx, as the couple has tied the knot all over again!The dynamic duo originally got married in Aspen on Dec."Even in a room full of people, there were sweet moments where they seemed alone.They appear very much in love."Marx and Fuentes had been together for about a year before making it official.Being aware that hometown visits were approaching, Rachel understood Kenny's concern that allowing Mc Kenzie to meet her, only to have things potentially not work out, would be too much of an emotional rollercoaster to handle.