These funds are administered by the Minisink Valley Historical Society through a committee consisting of a representative of the Deerpark Reformed Church and of the Gumaer Family to ensure perpetual maintenance of the historic site. This year we are planning brief informative programs during the work sessions. The families of Peenpack and interested community members are cordially invited to facilitate the care of this historic cemetery on Saturdays, April 20th, June 22nd, August 24th & October 19th 2013. There will also be a family historian and a cemetery preservationist available on site.

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There is no known or available written documentation.

Cemetery #3 Godeffroy Cemetery - The gravesite of Adolphus & Elizabeth Godeffroy sits immediately adjacent to the Gumaer Cemetery off its southern border. Anyone who has any information to share or has any interest in assisting is asked to email the society at [email protected], or to mail a letter to Minisink Valley Historical Society, PO Box 659, Port Jervis, New York 12771.

Historically, the Cemetery lies close to the heart of the 1200 acre Peenpack Patent, the precursor to the present-day Town of Deerpark.

On October 14,1697, seven patentees received title to their land in the Magheckemeck Valley from the English Crown: Peter Guimard, Jacob Caudebec, Thomas Swartwout, Antoni Swartwout, Bernardus Swartwout, Jan Tys and David Jamison.

The first documented instance of neglect appears in the History of Orange County by Ruttenber and Clark, published in 1881.

Ownership of the main cemetery was clarified in the 1990's that the Deerpark Reformed Church indeed owned the site.

It is situated on Peenpack Hill, overlooking the Neversink, about a 1/4 mile from Pioneer Knoll.

Among those buried here, with earliest known field stones dating back to 17, are family members representative of the Peenpack Patentees.

*the location of the cemetery hasn't proven to be actually located on "Pioneer Knoll." Once again we will be working at the Gumaer Cemetery/Pioneer Knoll Cemetery site.