panel in Germany recently, alongside several of his CW cast members; though, it looks like he got especially close to one in particular — Malese Jow, known for her portrayal of Jeremy’s vampire love, Anna.

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Geena was Addie Singer's diva best friend, obsessed with fashion and designing her own clothes.

The teen sitcom lasted three seasons and earned Jow several Young Artist Award nominations.

In the season finale, she tells Jeremy that she plans to leave, and gives him a vial of her blood so that he can become a vampire and join her.

The first season ends with Anna attempting to protect Jeremy and the citizens of Mystic Falls from an imminent vampire attack when she is captured and killed by Jeremy's uncle, John (David Anders). as Megan, and played Alice Cantwell, the best friend of Christy Lee (Brenda Song), in the film The Social Network.

She also guest starred on an episode of TNT television series Leverage.

Some time later, she starred in the Nickelodeon television series The Troop as Cadence Nash.

In 2011, she had a recurring role in Big Time Rush as Lucy Stone and in the series Desperate Housewives as Violet.

Jow appeared again as Anna on The Vampire Diaries's third season.

And it's no wonder that it was easy for Ian to hang with his former ex — after all, he's pretty skilled in the art of dating, and breaking up with co-stars. Like the Dawson’s Creek spin-off, their relationship was short-lived.

She may have played the manipulative Shannon on Lost, but in real life, this girl seems like a total sweetheart.

That same year she acted in The Secret Life of the American Teenager as Gail and Disney show Hannah Montana as Rachel.