Titus then helpfully elucidates the proper use of this particular word.

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“I told the network president — and this sentence cost me $30 million — ‘Do you even watch the show? “‘The whole premise of the show is two screwed-up people together that make a great couple and can survive anything.

If I make them cheat on each other, guess what happens next?

But while other people might've collapsed like a cheap card table, Titus took the huge blow dealt to his life and put it in his "Love Is Evol" show.

This bit shows just how brave he is; he didn't run or hide, he took his disaster and displayed it to the world.

Titus's delivery seals just how completely crazy this story is, and you can't help but think two things: he deserved it and you wish you'd been there.

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5) "The Tako Incident" Titus talks about how he got understandably mauled by an attack dog.

Again, it takes a certain kind of comedian to not only lampoon himself, but to basically beat himself up for everyone else's entertainment.

Christopher Titus has a bevy of hilarious jokes in his arsenal, but which ones are the most memorable?

Check out our list of Titus's five best stand-up segments, and don't miss your opportunities to see him live on tour this summer.

3) "Trophies" Titus was particularly wound up when he performed "Neverlution," during which he had a whole lot to say about modern society, including the practice of giving out trophies to everyone.