- Attached a self stamped enveloped with your written address.

A work permit to do business in the country is granted for one (1) year with multiple entries.

Issued to persons or representatives of enterprises who prove by a legally attested document that they have established the necessary contacts and that their investment has been accepted by the pertinent official organisms in Venezuela.

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Issued to Non-immigrants who wish to stay in the country to attend professional technical courses, undergraduate or graduate courses at any University or College, or to take part in a practice related to their major field of studies.

- The applicant must submit an application issued by the institution that supports him; this application must inform on the funds available to the student in Venezuela.

To do so, the applicant must provide a document that proves he has an address in a foreign country (outside Venezuela).

- The applicant must show the following documents - A reference letter issued by a banking institution that certifies the applicant's good standing and the date he opened his account. citizens need a copy of the green card, or copy of the US visa.

The Consular Section of the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington D. will process all visas applications submitted by residents of its jurisdiction (Kentucky, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D. Residents of other jurisdictions should go to the appropriate Consulate (check list).

For the introduction of an application for any kind of visa the following is requested: - A Passport that has at least 6 months of validity left at the time of your visa request.(If issued by a private person, the attestation must duly prove that the student has sufficient funds to sustain a stay in the country).- Letter of admission issued by the educational institution where the student is enrolled or by the enterprise that will supervise his practice. A visa in the category of visitor student is granted for one (1) year with multiple entries, and allow the bearer to stay in the country for up to the same period of time.- Two recent front view color photographs, 2 x 2 size. - Fulfil the particular requirements for the pertinent type of visa.- Fill a visa application (for a copy of the form, click here). Issued for purposes of leisure, health or to carry out non-remunerating or non-lucrative activities, such as those related to culture, art, science or sports.On each entry, the bearer of this visa may stay in the country for a period of up to one hundred and eighty (180) days.