Following are the best methods to track any USPS package: The very first method to track any USPS mail item is the online method through the official site of USPS.

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Another thing you should keep in mind that USPS doesn’t consider all shipments equally.

You will get the detailed information about your shipment if the form of shipping is expensive.

You don’t need to put extra efforts to get this mechanism or to use it.

It automatically includes with your domestic shipping products.

Once you get this tracking number, then you can easily track any mail item shipped through USPS.

There are various ways or methods using which you will get the latest update and the process of your mail item.The tracking printed on the box , i don't know, the package might got stolen now or maybe it's just...i am no seller or anything, i'm just sending a package to my aunt that i sent at the usps on monday, i went there myself and even layed it on the counter where all the pre-purchases labels are lay at.You should know what you can do and what you are getting while placing the order.There are different ways through which you can easily locate and get the latest update of your package.So, if you purchase any product online then make sure that one of the following postage must be included with that: If you find any of the above postages with your product, then you will get the tracking number of your product, and if none of the above-given postage is included, then you may not get the tracking number.