Racist, derogatory and sexist tattoos are also outlawed.

Officers cannot have any sort of nonprofessional relationship with an enlisted solder. Soldiers are not allowed to use prostitution, especially not if they’re married. Army guys have no issue meeting girls when they go out.” “Yeah it’s the uniform, huh? Ultimately, none of those numbers are acceptable, but hopefully increased openness about the topic will bring them closer to zero in the ranks and on campuses alike.

If you hook up with one of your soldiers you can get kicked out of the Army. “It’s against the rules but the Army will turn a blind eye as long as it’s not real open. But it happens.” “What about meeting girls outside of the Army while you’re in the Army?

You meet someone – hopefully early in that time – you get to know them, you date for a while, decide to get married and you propose before you leave so that the Army will pay for them to come with you. She got health insurance; he got to live in a house.” Pretty sweet deal.

So if you have a serious girlfriend there’s a lot of pressure to get married so they can come along.” I had asked L earlier about her decision to marry B so young. “Female and male soldiers will just arbitrarily get married as like a business agreement to get out of the barracks. I ask why she didn’t have to live in the house with him and B explains that normally in the lower 48 your family would have to live with you, but Alaska is considered overseas.

They had dated for a few years, knew they were in love, and knew B would be going to Alaska. That or they’ll just find some random broad.” L says, “I knew a guy, he married one of his best friends from high school. B says, “But say a soldier finds a random person in town that he thinks is hot I guess, and they want health insurance they can just get married and the soldier gives them health insurance and he gets to move out of the barracks.

Alaska sounded good to her, so it just seemed like a sensible decision. Sometimes it’s for love or some sort of attraction—” L butts in: “Yeah and sometimes it will last a couple years and then they get divorced. the reason they got divorced was because his step daughter started sleeping with his old roommate and she was not of age. We were eating, hungover, and the lights dim all of a sudden and a drag queen comes out. ” B says, and laughing again adds, “…and they know we know how to have fun.” I’ve been avoiding the subject since the conversation had been so easy and fun but the subject seemed inescapable.

The furniture they do have is gorgeous, mostly wood and doesn’t seem to belong in the white drywall and carpeted house.

B immediately remarks, “The Army is a weird culture. It has its own customs, language jargon, everything.” L agreed, nodding, and raising her eyebrows emphatically.

I ask what was different about the culture of dating.

“I think it’s easier in the Army for people to have relationships that are more casual because you move every three years,” B tells me, “If you’re not married to a person, you’re probably not taking them with you.

The Army published an update to Army Regulation 670-1 on Friday, meaning the new tattoo rules are officially in effect.