Many women find it endearing when their man is secure enough to open up and show her his true feelings, whatever they may be." TRINI TO DE BONE The two eldest respondents had favourable things to say in their evaluation of local men.

Patricia, 51, housewife, found that some Trini men treat their wives very well, taking care of their them and their homes.

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Or it could be that they fear opening themselves up too much makes them vulnerable to eventual hurt.

"Personally I think Trini men can learn a bit from foreign men (US men in her experience) in that regard.

They hold hands there are public displays of affection.

You rarely see men in Trinidad doing that, holding hands with their partner, I'm not sure why." She added: "I think for Trinidadian men, it is difficult for them to communicate, especially to tell the person they are in a relationship with that they love them or to show some...gesture that is loving." Tricia noticed the only time you might see some form of affection by local men was for Valentine's day or women's birthdays, but generally it was very rare. I'm not sure if because they probably in more than one relationship." MACHO, MACHO MAN Arlene, 28, account manager, believes Trini men have a hard time accessing and expressing their feelings but instead have a "macho way of thinking and acting".

Because I saw older married couples (abroad), in their eighties and they were still...romantic, and I honestly don't think you see that now in Trinidad," Camille added.

"Some Trinidadian men because they have multiple relationships, they can't claim one woman, so that's why they would be afraid to walk around publicly, holding hands with a woman.

But then I started to chat with a couple female Trini friends and it appears she is not alone in her belief that foreign is better.

"Even though (American men) go out and lime with their friends they don't make that a first option.

Arlene said some Trini men have affectionate ways and can be loving behind close doors, but to the outside world they would try to put up a front that they were ruling their woman.

She dated a foreign guy and recalled he was: "all about PDA"; protective but "not over the top possessive"; able to express his feelings; able to talk freely about relationships and what he wanted for his future.

She also ranked Trini men and foreign men the same in the romance area.