There’s a downside to keeping your site updated, though, and it’s that some of the plugins and themes you’re using may not be updated with the latest changes.

This means an update could be incompatible with your plugins and themes and could stop them from working properly.

With hackers attacking that many sites, it’s only a matter of time before your site comes up on their list so it’s important to do whatever you can to prevent a successful attack.

What’s at stake is not just your site’s content, but your personal information as well as all your users’ personal information used on your site.

While this is great for regular users to help make Word Press accessible to everyone, it’s even more enticing to hackers since it’s easier for them to figure out how best to pass through all the security measures in place.

Fortunately, any security issues that have come up in the past have been quickly fixed and there hasn’t been even one instance where a security issue has been left outstanding for longer periods of time.

With each new release of Word Press, users are also encouraged to test beta releases and report any bugs.

When the changes roll out, everyone using Word Press can update their site to the latest version.

Choose the method you want to use to update your site and scroll down to that section to get started.

The Word Press project has a security team that is made up of about 25 experts, including lead developers and security researchers.

The Word Press core development team does a great job of patching up security holes, but if you don’t update your site, your site isn’t protected.