When Mike and I started dating (the second time around), we went snowboarding, a lot.

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Yotei is supposed to look a little bit like a sheep’s hoof and he might not be as famous as Fuji-san, but he is sure as heck just as gorgeous, especially when you’re looking at him right after you get off a Niseko lift, poised to make your way down the mountain.

I love the sheer symmetrical conicalness of Yotei, as well as his distinctive snow cap.

He’s a beautiful backdrop for a day (or five) of boarding.

Having decided to hit up Niseko, we then had to decide on a place to stay.

It was a night full of possibility: the orange lift chair lights cast a glow, there was unexpected magic sprinkling of snow and, of course, there was that little bit of pleasant tension between teacher and student, intensified by the fact that I really wanted to be a good learner.

That night started a love affair for me, and not just for Mike, but for snowboarding too.When we decided, kind of on a whim, that we were going to try and snowboard while in Japan, we had no idea where to go.Mike has always wanted to hit up Japanese snow, but in more of a bucket list, dreamy, no details sort of way.I don’t know if it was that hurling down a snowy mountain, strapped on to a long waxed board sounded fun, or the fact that there is a lot of cute snowboarding gear that you can shop for, but when Mike asked me if I wanted to learn how to board, from him, I jumped at the chance.In truth, I just wanted to spend more time with Mike and was thrilled that he wanted to teach me how to board.This position will be responsible for generating member enrollments by setting appointments with, and interviewing, prospective singles who have inquired about our service.