Planning different and exciting activities for dates will keep things from getting awkward and will be SO much more fun!If all kids ever do is “hang out,” won’t they do the same when they’re married?

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They will learn about physical attraction and the positives and negatives that are associated with dating. To get students excited about dating and let them know that dating is important in life.

They will also learn the positive and negative characteristics in dating and what they believe is right for themselves.1)Utah State Curriculum Guide.

This could be a fun time to share the dating story of you and your spouse with your kids! We’ve created a darling Dating Rules printable of general guidelines for dates.

Together with your kids, make a set of family rules for dating. This is cute enough to be displayed in your home or teen’s room!

Do some role playing and have your teen pretend to call and ask someone out.

Have them be asked out as well so they know how to accept or respectfully decline an invitation.“Hanging out” is fun, but oftentimes it leads to boredom, which leads to trouble.

It’s great to veg out some nights of course, but if you and your spouse just sit on the couch all the time, you aren’t growing as a couple or making new memories!

We want to start those good habits now with your kids!

Depending on how many students are in a team, the tasks can be broken down so that each student is in charge of one or more.

Day 5: All pages should be completed and all links tested by the middle of the class period, so that the Web site coordinating group could put the site together and then show the finished product to the class.

Students are first introduced to the key concepts surrounding teen dating violence.