Ahead of the hurricane's arrival, millions of Florida residents were told to evacuate and a great number of them remain in shelters.

Apart from the Sunshine State, states of emergency were also declared in Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina.

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The couple were arrested last week after an investigation conducted by the Bay County Sheriff's Office that began in January found that they had been notified about their daughter desperately needing her teeth extracted, but they still didn't seek treatment...Footage has emerged of Roy Halladay showing off in his Icon A5 plane just before it crashed into the Gulf of Mexico.

It was the third A5 to crash this year; its designer died when his A5 crashed in May.

"People don't realize it's going to come into your house, it's going to fill up maybe your entire first floor, and then it's going to flow out," Florida Gov.

Rick Scott said on "Face the Nation" (via CBS News). So you just have to think about, you know, you've got to get as high ground as you can and, and, and just pray." "They've committed all the federal resources," Scott continued, explaining that a "big cleanup" is anticipated. You know, I worked hard, and I know a lot of people worked hard to get people to evacuate." Hurricane Irma hit Marco Island late Sunday afternoon.

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