Although not considered a conventional beauty, Sush’s distinct good looks and classy demeanour floored everyone.Fun fact: Sush’s final outfit for the Miss Universe pageant was designed by her mother and stitched by a largely unknown Meena Bazaar tailor, something unheard of until that point.“It is not true, I’m not getting married. Thank you.” These were the words that Sush (ever so candid about her love life) had to offer the media back in 2010 about rumours of her impending wedding to the Kolkata Knight Riders bowling coach Wasim Akram.

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She doesn’t need a man in her life to buy her a diamond!

It’s so simple, yet so profoundly daring, different and refreshing.

I never said anything about marriage” and “Every girl wants her prince charming.

I have stopped thinking about it long back but still I want it.”“I Am Ready For Marriage” ran another newspaper headline five years later with Sush reiterating that when it happens, it will be only with Mr.

Sush has never denied the fact that being a single mother is hard, and that she is often faced with hard to answer questions like “Where is my daddy?

” but it would be folly to say that Sush has handled parenthood with anything other than aplomb.

Even back then, Sush wasn’t too concerned with nights spent dancing at the disco; she had a four year old girl at home as well.

Still, preferring the solace and peace of mind of staying at home does limit one’s opportunities to meet new people, make new connections, impeding a possible Sushmita Sen marriage, to say the least.

If none of the above men were good enough for Sush, what hope does anyone else have of “snagging” this brainy beauty, and then making it all the way to the alter, with an actual Sushmita Sen marriage happening?

[Read More: Bipasha Basu’s Marriage]Sush’s pledge to move the courts to let her adopt a baby girl (Renee) was a badass move.

In 2010, in an interview with a major national daily, Sush said the following, “I will go for a biological baby because the clock is ticking for me.” This was after she had adopted two girls, one only months ago.