If your friend eventually does find another partner, that’s wonderful!But there’s plenty of reason for celebration in the meantime — you need no permission.

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Even though we all reach for the relationship card first when catching up with friends, there’s actually a lot of other equally important topics you could address instead. ” Talk about music, politics, pets, home decor, television shows, books, workouts or style.

Share how Seriously: you can be happy with someone else, and by yourself; a relationship may or may not amplify your experiences.

But whether you’re paired up or flying solo, here are seven things I think we can agree to stop saying to anyone who is newly single.

know what a couple is like from the outside looking in. It usually makes the newly single person feel like people were judging their relationship all along, which sucks, or validates a feeling of wasted time, which doubly sucks.

Yeah, ideally there is someone “better” out there for your friend, but it’s also more than acceptable if they’re not hell-bent on looking.

Being in a relationship is not the epitome of the human experience, contrary to what Disney movies tell us.

Be careful not to superimpose your experience of being single onto someone else.