He said his captors used hot iron rods to make the marks meant to symbolize tiger stripes for the Tamil Tigers rebel group.

He, like others, escaped Sri Lanka and was smuggled to Europe where he awaits a decision on political asylum.

All the while, in university women’s studies courses, my classmates and I read radical feminists argue there’s no such thing as consensual sex work.

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Such is the situation in certain regions of Sri Lanka, where my partner and I traveled at the start of the year.

Sri Lanka’s current political landscape is the consequence of the nearly 30-year civil war that ended with the defeat (some say genocide) of the Tamil minority in 2009.

Whether it’s consensual or not, she and other proponents of the “Swedish” or “Nordic” model believe that prostitution should be eradicated and that, by punishing the clients, traffickers, and brothel owners, you will stamp out demand.

In spite of pushback, in late May of this year, Amnesty International released a new policy calling for the decriminalization of sex workers.

I’m not anywhere near through this.’ This 22-year-old man, known as Witness #205, said he was beaten, water-boarded, hung upside down, burned with cigarettes and raped during his detention which he claims was by the Sri Lankan security forces.

Despite the civil war in Sri Lanka ending in 2009, the man says: ‘The war against Tamils hasn’t stopped.’ Witness #249 shows brand marks on his back during his interview in London.‘Everyone thinks of Sri Lanka as such a beautiful place, but now my head is just filled with negativity.I want to make sure that nothing like this happens to anyone else,’ he said.Other shocking photographs highlight the scars left behind from years of abuse.A nineteen-year-old Sri Lankan man known as Witness #267 shows his wounds during an interview in London on July 27, 2017.AP reviewed 32 medical and psychological evaluations and conducted interviews with 20 men in its investigation, published today.