These guidelines are designed to be compatible with Joe Celko’s SQL Programming Style book to make adoption for teams who have already read that book easier.This guide is a little more opinionated in some areas and in others a little more relaxed.It is a reasoned and considered balancing act to be performed at the definition of a database.

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If you omit the WHERE clause, all records in the table will be updated!

The WHERE clause specifies which record(s) that should be updated.

Several words are reserved by the standard and cannot be used as table or column names.

For example, the word POSITION is reserved as it is a function defined by the Standards with a similar role as String.index Of() in Java.

HSQLDB does not currently prevent you from using a reserved word if it does not support its use or can distinguish it.

For example BEGIN is a reserved words that is not currently supported by HSQLDB and is allowed as a table or column name.

You can use this set of guidelines, fork them or make your own - the key here is that you pick a style and stick to it.

To suggest changes or fix bugs please open an issue or pull request on Git Hub.

Sometimes it will make sense to have the closing parenthesis on a new line at the same character position as it’s opening partner—this is especially true where you have nested subqueries.

When declaring schema information it is also important to maintain human readable code.

You should avoid the use of such words as future versions of HSQLDB are likely to support the words and will reject your table definitions or queries.