It doesn't matter how close any two Sims seem, whether just platonically or romantically; those relationships do decay, and the decay a little fast.

It's difficult for any Sim who has a career to maintain more than a couple very close friendships.

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You generally must fulfill the main objectives and all but one minor objectives in order to achieve a gold level.

Getting the gold does not confer any direction relationship bonuses, but it does give your household free items.

She spends the rest of the date aggressively using romantic-type interactions, which are going over great.

She took the relationship slow enough that, once she started in with the romance, Freddie was receptive to it.

After a couple days spent together, Christine remembers that she had the most success with an actual date.

She wants a more intimate setting though, so she opens her Relationships Panel, clicks Freddie's picture, then selects “Ask on Date...” She's taken to the map screen, but this time, she chooses her home lot.

Plus, the objectives steer you in the correct direction to maximize your gains for the event anyway (in this case romantic relationship scores).

Christine performs admirably, achieving gold level before even getting halfway to the time limit.

It's possible to maintain many minor friendships, but major ones need attention often.