In June 2013, deputies were called to Kelley's home in New Braunfels about a rape case and investigated for three months, Comal County Sheriff Mark Reynolds said.

But it appeared that they stopped investigating after they believed Kelley left Texas and moved to Colorado.

He was eventually sentenced to 12 months of confinement for the assault.

But three months after the case was reported in June 2013, the investigation swiftly ended when Kelley briefly moved to Colorado.

Comal County sheriff Mark Reynolds said he was reviewing whether his department mishandled the sexual assault investigation.

Angela Teague Herron paid tribute to him as a 'true mentor''You were not easy, you were a leader who gave me expectations and I respected you enough to listen to you.

I didn't always like what you said, but you allowed me to tell you and together, you let me flourish.

Kelley was also caught trying to bring guns onto Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico when he was stationed there, according to an El Paso, Texas, police report released on Tuesday.

While in the military, Kelley, who was 21 at the time, made death threats against superior officers, according to the June 2012 report, which also mentioned the military charges.

Lula Woicinski White was the 71-year-old grandmother of Kelley's wife Danielle.

She was a devout member of the First Baptist Church as was described a 'wonderful, caring person - a God-loving person' by her relative Mary Mishler Clyburn.

'That's what we're looking into.'Had Kelley been convicted of sexual assault in the 2013 rape case he would likely have been prevented from purchasing a gun because federal guidelines prohibit sales to anyone convicted of a felony punishable by more than one year in prison.