We’ve also added three new part-time advocates to the ISAH: Anahi Aragon, Clara Keum, and Evandal Strowder.All three bring important energy and perspective to our team while allowing us to more effectively staff this important 24-hour service.When I first learned about this opportunity, I was immediately attracted to the significant history of the agency; it was the first standalone comprehensive sexual assault center in the state and among the first in the country.

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We now have a leadership team consisting of three assistant directors with a combined 20 years of experience and leadership at RVAP.

Katryn Duarte (ISAH), Susan Junis (Prevention and Outreach), and Ewa Bardach (Finance) are world-class professionals.

It’s been great to work so closely with them these past months.

I’m eager to see where their leadership can take RVAP in the months and years ahead.

In Iowa City, Amanda Martin was promoted to academic services coordinator.

Amanda is a strong advocate and leader with tremendous expertise in academic-systems advocacy.I carry that passion with me, along with the teachings of many talented colleagues and courageous survivors.I’m humbled to be able to continue that learning here at RVAP.One of the greatest gifts—and challenges—of this work is that it requires us to develop and grow as individuals in order to work toward our mission.My colleagues at RVAP have been gracious in sharing their expertise and experience, which allows me to continue to unpack my own privilege and grow as a person.Both are new positions at RVAP, and we’re excited to continue expanding our services throughout Iowa’s rural communities.