The Core Committee met on Aprill 25, 2017 to select a reunion date for 2018 so that classmates can plan well in advance of the reunion.

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Please consider donating a handmade item to our reunion to put in our gift basket collection for giving away during the weekend.

Maybe your company or business has something that they would be willing to donate.

If you know the whereabouts of any of these friends, please let us know.

We need everyone's email address so that we can communicate reunion plans during the coming year. Sadly, please let us know of any classmates who have died.

= 104) was drawn from the Laboratory for Human Evolutionary Studies (University of California, Berkeley) and the Atkinson Collection (University of the Pacific School of Dentistry).

These collections contain skulls of both sexes and represent a variety of populations, but no reliable information on geographic origin or sex is available for most individuals.

Specimens of also have hypoglossal canals that, both absolutely and relative to oral cavity volume, are equal in size to those of modern humans.

The basis for the hypothesis that hypoglossal canal size is indicative of speech was the assumption that hypoglossal canal size is correlated with hypoglossal nerve size, which in turn is related to tongue function.

These conclusions are based on the hypothesis that the size of the hypoglossal canal is indicative of speech capabilities.

This hypothesis is falsified here by the finding of numerous nonhuman primate taxa that have hypoglossal canals in the modern human size range, both absolutely and relative to oral cavity volume.

The mammalian hypoglossal canal transmits the nerve that supplies the motor innervation to the tongue.