Just as the former Prime Minister, David Cameron visited in 2016, during the Festival of Life – a bi-annual fellowship event of the Church, Theresa May worshipped at the Jesus House parish and indeed felt at home amongst the brethren.It was her special prayers that God should heal the UK, stop terrorism, strengthen and help her government and give her the grace to lead the nation through her next phase and indeed make Great Britain great again.

In that latter post he implemented a revolutionary land-reform policy and secured political participation for the lower castes.

He was elected to represent Andhra Pradesh districts in the , served in various ministries, notably as foreign minister (1980–84, 1988–89).

BPCA told The Christian Post in March that the High Commission of Pakistan in London authorized the construction of 10 brick washroom facilities that will serve roughly 100 Christian families who live in mud homes and are too poor to afford their own toilets, plumbing and clean drinking water.

Prior to the existence of washroom facilities, which were completed in February, the impoverished people in the community were forced to use open fields as toilets and even get their drinking water from unsanitary sources, such as puddles.

However, Pakistan's notorious blasphemy laws, which are embedded in Sections 295 and 298 of the country's Penal Code, remain in place.

The laws carry the death penalty with no provision to punish a false accuser or a false witness of blasphemy.

in her split from the Congress Party organization in 1969; initially called the New Congress Party, the splinter group took the name Congress (I) Party in 1978.

He held various ministerial positions in the Andhra Pradesh government from 1962 to 1973, including that of chief minister (head of government) from 1971.

The documents, often referred to as "Panama Papers," contain personal financial information about wealthy individuals and public officials that had previously been kept private.