Thus, allowing listeners to focus on the babble of the flowing river, the pelting rain, and deep reverberations of bubbles in a vast cave.

Unlike Enka's room, which was warm, Mikage's room is soothing and refreshing, creating a perfect balance for summer or winter as you might prefer, should you buy both products.

There is little to no talking in-between the first three tracks except for the recitation in the third track.

I had listened to Enka's flame-themed asmr voice tracks (also from the same series) earlier and now we're moving on to Mikage's water-themed room.

The approach is quite similar, you are the troubled sleeper seeking help and are welcomed to a room where the sounds of water and Mikage, your attendant, welcomes you.

Track 4 has center-focused sound, track 5 has right-focused sound, and track 6 has left-focused sound.

Unfortunately, the crackling of flames is no longer in the background for the sleeping tracks which is a bit of a shame because a softer crackle in the background would bring out a warmer atmosphere.

It's not a big deal, but it would have been nice to have. I'm always on the hunt for quality asmr, sleep-inducing, calming tracks to listen to.

Youtube is a great provider for such content, but I always find myself being a bit picky with certain sounds.

Aah, there's nothing like the constant clatter of early morning routines.