She now devotes most of her time to homeschooling her three children.There appears to be a thin line between domestic corporal punishment of children and physical abuse, writes Ria Mae Verdolaga, a medical student at the University of the Philippines College of Medicine.

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Not only do the majority of Filipino children experience unreasonable corporal punishment, they are also subjected to verbal or emotional punishment, such as being scolded and humiliated in front of other people.

This, no doubt, leaves a lasting imprint that can impact the child’s behavior when they grow up.

Donna is a former correspondent of The Philippine Daily Inquirer-Northern Luzon Bureau.

She also worked in various local papers in Baguio City, and was a feature writer of Women's Feature Service.

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Today’s tsinelas, which have become a fashion accessory with elaborate designs and made with better materials--are a far cry from their forerunners.

But while its physical features have changed through the years, tsinelas remains to be a top Filipino tool in child discipline.

Biblical spanking or chastisement, clarifies advocates, does not involve beating, but a mere "strike on the buttocks with the open hand".