He told the hearing: 'It makes me sick to think that all of this was going on.'I later found out that there had been continued rumours in the department that led to [Clasby] being moved to Sawston.'Vaness Gibney, social care professional lead for the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Foundation Trust, told the hearing Clasby had affairs with two other social workers.When he was ordered to see her about the allegations involving Miss X she said he told her he had been expecting her call and handed over his case files.On one occasion when she refused to have sex because she was pregnant and bleeding heavily, he shouted "You still have a mouth".

But when he met an attractive psychiatric patient in her 20s, he began a four-year affair with her, during which he fathered two children.

During the illicit relationship, the married 46-year-old bombarded the woman with text messages begging for sex or asking what underwear she was wearing, bought her a sex toy, and persuaded her to take part in an unnatural sex act.

He had already been dismissed from his job and is now certain to be struck off as a carer.

During the two-day hearing, his victim, who can only be referred to as Miss X for legal reasons, said he had ruined her life.'If I had not complained he would have done it again and again and ruined somebody else's life,' she said.'I was blackmailed. It has devastated my family, my children and the people they live with.'I've had to move house. I've become distant and disassociated.'The woman, who lives in Cambridge, met former university gardener Clasby in 2002 when he was allocated as her social worker.

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