– was built in Doha in the early nineteen-seventies.

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Compare the traditional craft and its construction above with this one.

Both were being constructed at the same time but, whereas the first was dependent upon traditional methods of design, materials, skills and construction, this boat was a copy of a steel-hulled vessel with all its timbers being mechanically shaped to a pre-set design.

However, they seem to me to have so much in common with traditional Gulf architecture and the way of life prior to development irrevocably changed the life of Qataris.

In this sense I see boats being as important as the traditional architecture, and I feel that they should be looked at in parallel with land-based architecture.

The increase in revenue from oil in the Arabian/Persian Gulf has seen a considerable increase in the use of modern shipping.

This reflects the larger size and frequency of ships needed to bring goods into the different countries of the Gulf, in turn a response to increasing disposable income, the rapidly expanding population and concomitant development.The third of this group of photographs shows a single boat lying on the sea bed at low tide off al-Bida.The old Diwan al-Amiri can be seen in the background, and the beginning of the Corniche construction had just begun.Doha was the commercial port, Umm Said reserved for the export of oil.Prior to this, goods were moved within and out of the Gulf by traditional wooden craft.As the photographs above show, many of the local craft were drawn up onto the beach for a number of reasons.