This disease is so rare in raptors, there is almost no information available on longevity, treatment (if any), whether it is contagious or how it is contracted.

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Larry Vogelnest, the senior vet at Taronga Wildlife Hospital stated: “He has deteriorated recently, appetite reduced, demeanour changed and his beak had to be trimmed so he could eat.

I also feel now that it is unlikely he will ever have normal feathers.

This sample, when analysed will be compared to the other data we’ve gathered over the duration of this research project.

We would like to thank Taronga Wildlife Hospital for doing such a wonderful job caring for SE15.

While we shall continue to keep watch for possible sightings, given the amount of time now passed, her return is unlikely.

From observations in the past, there are lone adults or juveniles, searching for a mate or territory.

A couple of different eagles have been observed on the river roost and in the forest area.

One is a younger bird and the other a little older.

SE15’s legacy will be that this information may contribute towards the understanding of how this virus affects raptors.