Following her divorce from Tom Cruise, Kidman has been married to the singer Keith Urban since 2006.Kidman was born 20 June 1967 in Honolulu, Hawaii, while her Australian parents were temporarily in the United States on student visas.She returned to television in 2017 with a highly acclaimed performance as a victim of domestic abuse in the HBO miniseries Big Little Lies, for which she received a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress and Outstanding Limited Series as a producer.

The 48-year-old actress recently discussed marrying her husband Keith Urban one month after they began dating.

“We got married very quickly and we got to know each other when we were married,” Nicole said (via ).

Cruise filed for divorce in February 2001 in a high-profile separation, and the details have never been publicized.2003 Nicole Kidman dated the rapper Q-Tip in 2003, though the two tried to keep it under wraps.

They were spotted together at a few high-profile events, but it was only later that Q-Tip opened up about it, admitting he had dated Nicole.

1990 - 2001Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise dated on the set of their 1990 movie "Days of Thunder," and they married later that year in Colorado.

They adopted two children together, Isabella (born 1992) and Connor (born 1995).

They went their separate ways in January 2004 amidst rumors he'd cheated on her, which he called "lies."2005Nicole Kidman was rumored to be dating Steve Bing in 2005, when they were spotted together several times in LA.

They hung out again in Sydney, but Kidman's rep claimed they were just "good friends."June 2006 - Present Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban met at an event in 2005 and began dating, and they wed a year later.

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