Relying on a physical connection with him will only get you a broken heart – not a committed partner.

Is it just an astonishing coincidence that the difficulties you had with your mom you now have with your spouse?

Did you promise yourself that you’d never get involved with another alcoholic then find yourself marrying a workaholic? Do we have free will in determining our relationships?

For a man to fall in love with you, he needs to feel touched by you in a deep, connected, emotional sense.

Wrong Road #2: The Physical Road (BODY)Despite what a lot of women think, men do not become attached through sex – even if it's fabulous.

Many years later, they find their fears coming true and struggle just to hold things together. Two men meet on the street in front of their office and try to decide where to go to lunch.

They both are easily religiously offended and, because of their bondage, can’t decide on an acceptable place to eat. Mac’s co-workers take him out to lunch for his birthday, but things take an ugly turn when the group realizes that they are short of what they owe for the check. While every man appreciates a woman who enjoys being with him physically, this is not the reason men fall in love.Sex is only a small part of the whole picture for him.It makes me feel good to be able to be there to help him get back on his feet. Onset: I’m looking for a strong, caring man who will take care of me. It worked for my parents; why shouldn’t it work for us? He’s so involved in his career and I’m totally absorbed by the kids and their activities. I’m with the kids all day long and it’s driving me crazy.Mid-Course: Though I’d like to help him move ahead, it’s not as easy as I thought. He gets home so late we don’t even have time to discuss the day.Or is our destiny scripted from birth, like a Greek tragedy? If your romantic relationships follow a repetitive pattern that’s confusing to you, it’s time to acquaint yourself with the power of love scripts. I want to be there for him, but it’s just so draining. Likely Outcome: Either she will hang in there feeling disappointed and angry or she’ll end the relationship and find someone new to rescue. Mid-Course: I’m discovering some things about her I don’t like. Was I so much in love, that I was blind to her faults? Likely Outcome: Either he’ll hang in there despite feeling disillusioned or he’ll begin to look elsewhere for his “perfect soul mate.” Positive Outcome: Life is not a fairy tale.