One doesn't know what will come out of it next. " "ASW has given me the opportunity to communicate, easily, with people from all around the world.

A soulmate, a friend, a gladiator for a cause, a partner in crime, a business idea, an adventure, a dream come true, a shooting star... Everyone that I come in contact with is so open and welcoming.


A fake Fabergé egg, and a fellow Agent's death, lead James Bond to uncover an international jewel-smuggling operation, headed by the mysterious Octopussy, being used to disguise a nuclear attack on N. The helmsman of the lead SPECTRE powerboat pursuing Bond is Peter Twiss OBE DSC who, in 1956, flew the Fairey Delta 2 aircraft to a new world air speed record of 1,132 miles per hour.

Whilst being romantically linked with Russian girl, Tatiana Romanova, Bond sneaks his way around Istanbul, whilst each SPECTRE agent tries to pick him off, including the over powering Donald 'Red' Grant and ex-KGB agent Rosa Klebb who knows all the tricks in the books and even possesses an incredible poison tipped shoe!

Today's viewers (especially women) will likely find Daniela Bianchi's Tanya ("I LOVE you, James") Romanova an uncomfortably passive damsel-in-distress, but, hey: she's drop-dead gorgeous and has some nice scenes with Connery.

The Turkish and Balkan settings are spectacular and the train sequence at the end is both exciting and suspenseful.

Connery, for his part, gets to build on the character he first fleshed out in Dr. His Bond really emerges here as a complex man, formidable but flawed.

He's genteel and sophisticated, but he doesn't always keep his cool; unlike the too-often unflappable Roger Moore, Connery's Bond betrays both anger and fear when the circumstances seem to warrant it.

Bond needs to find this machine, before the evil SPECTRE organization discovers it first.

James Bond 007 is on the search for a Russian decoding machine, known as Lektor.

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