Kannada weddings are rather simple celebrations when compared with other colorful and magnificent ceremonies in other parts of India, but they are also very meaningful and filled with joy.

The groom is most likely dressed in a silk dhoti, pitambr, a pheta, and a turban.

A stick has been blessed in a holy place for the groom to carry in his right hand.

Both the prospective bride and groom’s parents must first approve and sanction the pairing of this couple before anything can progress.

When this happens, a pre-wedding ritual called Nischay Tamulam or Fixing of the Alliance is performed.

For a wedding in the community of Baliga, you will find the wedding clothes significantly different.

Here, the bride is usually dressed in a white silk sari with a contrasting border of a different color.Examples of this include Dare Puja, during which the bride wears a saree made of Kancheevaram silk, the haldi ritual where a simple one is worn.More elegant sarees are chosen for the Puja and also when the bride is seated close to the groom following Graha Pravesh.Dhoti, fruits, and coconut are presented to the groom –to- be by the girl’s parents. He compares the horoscopes of the matrimonial hopefuls to make sure they are compatible and to ensure that the date, as well as the time of the wedding, can be fixed appropriately.Nandi is the next pre-wedding ritual that takes place.The traditional ritual of Kaashi Yatre is conducted next.