Summary Stevie Ray Vaughan’s musical influence has really hyped the blackface Fender Vibroverb.

Because of him the Vibroverb has become the most expensive and sought after blackface amp on the vintage amp market.

Many of the mods described below will make your amp break up earlier and reach the sweet spot at a lower volume.

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These liquid, rich and clean “Fender” tones (all right, he used a Dumble as well) have motivated generations of players not to mention what it has meant for the popularity of the Stratocaster and Fender amps.

We were quite comfortable with all the circuit modifications.

Though the Vibroverb is closely associated with SRV you can reproduce his tone with most Fender amps given the right speakers.

See our SRV page for more information about Stevie’s tone.

He had to sell for personal reasons, involving buying a car (proving how collectable these amps are).

His Vibroverb was a two-owner amp in very nice physical condition that hadn’t been played since 1987.If you also invest in implementing the tremolo disconnect mod, you can really make the Vibroverb break up at practise volumes.If you want to increase the clean headroom and do all the tricks Cesar Diaz did, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s guitar tech, we will try to explain all of this.While most guitar amps have multiple 10″ and 12″ speakers the Vibroverb came with a big Jensen C15n or a JBLd130f, the last one with a huge magnet, aluminium dust cap and flat speaker cone that can be hard to tame in terms of treble, punch and attack.Beside the speaker the blackface Vibroverb is very similar to the other blackface and silverface AB763 Fender amps. It is powerful and loud, but in a different way than the 10″ and 12″-amps. Players probably thought the amp was suited for bass amps, we’re not sure.The almost perfect tolex and grill cloth proved that amp hadn’t seen many ugly gigs and tours.