This week – Ian gets juggled like nobody’s business in Mortal Kombat, Dalton learns about life without chainsaws Spoiler: this is most definitely about Portal 2 No holds barred, this is everything we could possibly talk about in regards to Portal 2. Bulletstorm, 3DS, Yakuza 4, Pokemons, they all get talked about in here. Man, it seems like yesterday we were just crawling out of the fertile womb of the internet. As we struggle to recover from the kerfuffle of the new year, we had a cast.

This ‘cast assumes that you have already played through the game, or at least are okay with major plot spoilers li I’m sure you’re confused? Not that much to say but it’s a video game-palooza. In it, there’s Ghost Trick, host switching, more Animal Crossing, and the PS3 being hacked.

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To be totally honest, I have no idea what happened this week. All hate mail about the cast being late should go directly to Addison. Sorry about that, but we still got a great episode for you.

Dalton gets all Russian in Metro 2033, Ian is made fun of for playing Black Ops on the DS, Let me make myself perfectly clear, Amy Pond is really hot.

We were missing a few people this cast, but we were still able to talk about video games!

Addison explained how Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is awesome, Hopefully will be patched soon.

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