What's amazing is that they didn't hide who they were at all.

In the car, Hara would roll down the windows and stick her head out to observe the night view.

is junhyung still dating hara-23

If you haven’t seen the clip before, you can watch it here: === What do you think about this issue?

Do you think it was just a small incident blown out of proportion or should more people have come forward to take the blame?

After drinking coffee at a take out cafe in Kangnam, the two drove around the area before parking near Junhyung's home.

For an hour, the two walked around the neighborhood and around the park before settling at the 'Sky Park' in Sangam-dong.

Thanks to his treasure trove of creativity, that he calls his mind, HIGHLIGHT has won shelf after shelves full of trophies and awards.

But you can’t get on Jun Hyung’s level just by being a great producer. He’s got the moves, he’s got the skills, and he’s definitely got the looks!

Yong Jun Hyung’s visuals might not stand out among his other group members, because literally every HIGHLIGHT member is visual.

But just take a closer look, and I’m sure you’ll find a smile on your face by the end of the day. For one, he’s the genius producer behind one of the K-Pop greats – HIGHLIGHT (aka BEAST).

It is well known by many K-Pop fans that Goo Hara previously had a public relationship with the rapper from BEAST – Yong Junhyung.