’Synchronised’ was launched at the Gallery earlier this month; older and younger participants came together for the first time to enjoy a taster workshop with music from the ‘Hush’ repertoire.

Rambert Dance Company Rambert, the national company for contemporary dance, offers a year-round programme of learning and participation activity throughout the UK for people of all ages and abilities.

Other projects with an inter-generational aspect include work with teenager and older adult patients at Chelsea and Westminster Health Charity.

Activities include creative arts workshops, specialised gallery tours and social events.

The programme also offers a number of intergenerational projects, which aim to break down barriers between age groups.

It’s going to be intensive and maybe a bit of a challenge but we say ‘bring it on’!

” Tina Johnston, Coordinator for older people’s services at Blackfriars Settlement said: “We always encourage intergenerational work and we are extremely grateful to Dulwich Picture Gallery for giving us the opportunity for our older members to take part in the ‘Synchronised’ project with Rambert.” Aaron Paterson, acapmedia, said: “acapmedia is really excited to be working on ‘Synchronised’ with Dulwich Picture Gallery.In contrast to contemporary connotations, this site was not a place where former pub landlords were hidden away; instead ‘Asylum’ is used in the older sense, meaning “sanctuary”.This tranquil square was a haven for the staff and families who, after a long and loyal service to the brewing industry, could happily live out their days and the ‘Synchronised’ participants will draw upon images from these residents ‘at play’ in their rehearsals.It is a rare opportunity to be able to work with such a well-known and talented dance company, in collaboration with a prestigious gallery with so much history.We are looking forward to learning and improving our contemporary dance skills, and hopefully the young people will be able to teach our Rambert dance teachers a thing or two also!Asylum is also the perfect venue for this dance partnership to reside having been built only 13 years after the Gallery.