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11, 2001, terrorist attacks and threatening theaters that planned to show the film.

Technical details about the cyberattack are reported to bear similarities to previous attacks on South Korean media institutions that some cybersecurity experts attributed to North Korea.

As late as this week there are reports that that Sony employees are still unable to use their old computers due to concerns that code left by the hackers may not have been completely removed from the system. Attribution is really hard when it comes to cyberattacks because it can be difficult to tie the digital forensics left behind to real-world actors, but the leading theory is that the attack is tied in some way to the North Korean government.

On Wednesday The Washington Post, the New York Times and others reported that anonymous U. officials were pointing the finger at the secretive nation.

But some remain skeptical about the connection, noting that much of the publicized evidence linking the attacks is circumstantial. The studio canceled plans to release "The Interview" theatrically on Wednesday, after a string of major theater chains had indicated they planned not to show the film.

It's unclear if the film will receive any distribution at all.

One official briefed on the investigation told The Post that intelligence officials believe with "99 percent certainty" that hackers working for the North Korean government were behind the attack.

But the administration is reportedly unsure what to do with that information -- fearing no good outcome could come from pointing figures at the secretive state: North Korea is diplomatically isolated, and there are already significant sanctions in place.

Many celebrities have tweeted their worries about what this means for the future of free speech and artistic expression, and they probably have point: In the wake of the cyberattack, another studio has reportedly pulled the plug on a film that was to be set in North Korea and to star Steve Carrell, according to Deadline.

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