If you open up Fire Chat in the middle of Hong Kong, this screen wouldn't show an empty chat.

Gizmodo reports, citing a statement from Open Garden, that the app gained 100,000 new users in 22 hours and that 33,000 users were on the app at one time.

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This works well if you’re after a more fleeting romance; “It was 3 am and he texted me once, one word only; SEX.” says one Tinder user.

However some take this empowerment a little too far; “It’s a shame he was so attractive”, moans an ex-Tinder user.

Look at a picture of someone who has conveniently been selected for you based on your location. So are we really all just one app installation away from the altar, are they really all they’re cracked app to be?

OT, cliques and alcohol prices can make it hard to meet new faces, and the fun and casual nature of apps help users expand their social horizons and in more unusual situations.

’ and your new friend responds with a nude shot, you know they’re not for you. I was his free escort.” After all, it’s easy to mask bad habits behind a screen, and not everyone has a cyber sixth sense to see them.

“She seemed normal enough so I agreed to meet her for a drink,” says a guy who now can’t even look at a dating app. I arrived, she asked if I had any crack, I didn’t, and then I left.” Personal safety aside, dating apps can wreak havoc on your sanity.Whether you’re looking to settle down in Tai Po, or transcend from megabytes to love bites in LKF, there are plenty of apps available. For the chattier, there are We Chat style apps, only with a more amorous vibe.And whilst the typical user experience may not compare to locking eyes with the one aboard a Parisian steam train, it might be every bit as steamy. Mildly stalkerish, they display who’s online within a certain radius to you and you can ‘like’ them, see who’s ‘liked’ you, and chat instantly.When you first download Fire Chat, the app doesn't let on that it has become a hub for pro-democracy protesters around the world.Instead, the app suggests that you use it to share photos from concerts or music festivals.Whether you find yourself on a dirt track of despair or the highway to ‘appiness, dating apps are definitely an unpredictable ride.