In a year, you might run into someone you once hated, and that old grudge probably won't even matter... After high school, I ended up being best friends with a few girls who I had once hated. Apologize to people you've hurt, or make the decision to forgive those who have hurt you.

I actually did get a few unexpected messages in mine, including one from a guy who admitted he had been crushing on me all four years of school. You'll never know what you find, and also, it's really fun to look back on this stuff later on. Before graduation and throughout the summer, start learning things you'll need to know for school.

It could be doing your own laundry, learning how to cook some basic food, figuring out some handy DIYs, or even learning how to drive...

Source: Shutter Stock Not the most fun thing in the world, but again, it's practical.

Start looking for and applying to summer jobs now, if you don't already have one.

The best idea is to throw a party with one or two of your friends.

That way, you guys can invite all different people that one of you may not hang out with all the time.Work during the summer to save money for college, because chances are, you won't be able to work that much during college, and you'll definitely need money.It's also helpful for the breaks when you come home from school - if you already worked at a place, they'll usually let you come back during those times.We became so close, and I wished that I had approached them earlier on. Or just do some sort of high school activity you've never participated in, like going to a sports game, or hitting up a school function, or seeing the school play.Is there a girl in your class who you think could be one of your new besties? Don't be shy - during the last few months of high school, everyone gets a little more sentimental than usual. Just do one high school thing you've never done so that you can say you experienced it - good or bad. My ex-boyfriend from high school didn't want to buy a yearbook because he thought it was lame, and now he really regrets it.These are your last days of high school, and as annoying as this time period may have been in your life, it’s still a pretty big deal.