On Wednesday, July 23, 2014 Prime Minister Perry Christie, in a Communication to the House of Assembly, foreshadowed the introduction and first reading of four separate bills to amend the Constitution of The Bahamas “to institute full equality between men and women in matters of citizenship and, more broadly, to eliminate discrimination in The Bahamas based on sex.” Prime Minister Christie asserted that the purpose of these four bills is remedial in nature: “The changes to the constitution foreshadowed by these bills will not only help remediate the problem of structural gender inequality and discrimination in our country but will also assist in bringing greater inclusiveness and cohesion to family structures while at the same time ensuring that The Bahamas lives up to its international obligations in these matters.” In a mature gesture of bipartisanship, the leader of the opposition, Dr. If we can do so, we will signal to every Bahamian and the watching World our unified commitment to the advancement of Human Dignity in our beloved Bahamas.” The four bills represent the culmination of the work that was done by the Constitutional Commission, appointed on August 1, 2012 to review and recommend changes to the Constitution of The Bahamas, in advance of the 40th Anniversary of Bahamian independence. The commission completed the constitutional review process that had been started by the earlier Constitutional Commission that had been appointed by Prime Minister Christie on December 23, 2002, under the joint chairpersonship of Paul Adderley and Harvey Tynes, Q.Hubert Minnis stated that while “there is much which divides us in this place, let us speak with one voice when the issue is equality before the law. C., but which process the government under Hubert Ingraham abandoned after the 2007 general elections.

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The American legal scholar, Professor Myres Mc Dougal, asserted that a constitution should be “a living instrument, a dynamic and continuing process of communication, practices and decisions.

It is made and continually remade in response to the changing demands and expectations of the people under ever-changing conditions.

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