You must also attach proof to the educational form.

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ACT/ SAT Test Prep ASEP CMS District Calendars College Counseling Support Common Sense Media EOC Grade Delay Magnet Programs Menus Parent University Pay Pams Power School Parent Portal School Progress Reports Student Assignment Survey Task Force Community Input Title IXAll excuses must be handed in to the attendance office within 5 days of an absence.

Documentation is required by CMS to excuse an absence.

These are to be turned into the guidance counselors.

A medical recovery waiver can excuse attendance days but does not excuse students from work.

Please allow for at least one week for educational forms to be approved and entered into the system.

Administration signs off on these so we ask for a week to get approval and enter them.If the student receives 3 or more tardies, he or she will incur the following consequences: Tardy Policy: 1st Tardy ----------------Warning 2nd Tardy----------------Warning 3rd Tardy---------------- Warning 4th Tardy-----------------Referral (Assigned to ISS) 5th Tardy and over-----Referral (Assigned to OSS)Students MUST sign out properly with documentation/ or parent.Students who did not sign out properly, and then try to sign back in will be directed to a principal.Students missing half a class (45min) with no excuse will be absent for that period.If the student has an EXCUSED absence (see list of excused absences), that excused note must be turned in at the attendance desk upon sign in.If the absence was not a full day, please be sure to also indicate that on the excuse, or a full day’s absence will be entered.