For you folks already pretending to be dwarves on the Internet for three hours a week, I’ll have plenty of topics to cover concerning you in the coming weeks – just sit tight.

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For some examples for how it’s done well, just watch any well-produced live D&D game on the internet, like the aforementioned Critical Role or from the creators of the very game.

Look, it’s bad enough that we Dungeon Masters have to compete with the bingeable, plentiful sources of fantastical entertainment that have arisen alongside the propagation of streaming and mobile technology at the table.

You’re right – after all, what else are you here for?

Sure, at a table, where our ears can (sometimes) hear and understand multiple voices at once – what we call crosstalk in the media world – it’s fine, but it’s a bane of many an online D&D game.

To have to compete with the instant gratification of the internet that’s so much easier to do in secret from behind a screen … I know, playing a game through a web browser service like makes the temptation even worse.

After all, when it’s not your turn, you’re just one click away from Facebook or Reddit or – gasp – the Monster Manual.

When you can’t get a word in edgewise because of the limitations of technology (and, honestly, human empathy), such an amazing game becomes a lot less fun.

Besides, why do you think news anchors and expert panels on TV shows never talk over one another – well, let’s ignore CNN – on air?

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