You can add me by going to So if you’ve ever wanted to talk to me, or ask me a question, this would probably be the easiest way.I also just uploaded a bunch of videos So, this is very last minute but there is a conference call this Wednesday night, June 2nd at 9pm EST and 6 PST.This is literally the be-all and end-all of phone and text game advice, not only ...

Some used nunchuks, some just danced to T-pop and overall it was a funny ass experience.

I’m trying to figure out which channel and when it airs.

It’s Savoy and I taking questions about body language.

I have a body language dvd set coming out soon and this is part of the promotion so it’s absolutely free and should ...

If I can get a copy of the video you can be damn sure I’ll upload it here.

Oh yeah, and if you’ve been reading my blog and this all sounds a bit familiar…it’s because I got on TV in Beijing last Summer, though this was admittedly much more fun * * * * * Over the last couple weeks Savoy and I have been communicating back and forth with some members of the Love System’s community in Asia.Gaining social dominance is not “out-alpha’ing” everyone in the social circle – that will get you nowhere fast – you […] Continue Reading » Posted by Jeremy Soul in Uncategorized I read a quote by a famous dating coach that I liked.He said “Cold approach is the world series of pick- up”, i.e.I’m excited to discover that there are a number of people in China (both expats and locals alike) that are taking this part of their lives seriously.Some people have a very mistaken belief about Love Systems and seduction. Most Love Systems instructors live outside the United States.This article is going to be […] Continue Reading » Posted by Jeremy Soul in Lifestyle Tips, Mindsets The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Why You’re Not Getting The Results You Want From Pickup Whether you’ve just read Magic Bullets for the first time, scoured The Attraction Forums for all the posts from the great names, know The Routines Manual inside and out, and have finally mustered […] Continue Reading » Posted by Jeremy Soul in Dating Tips, Lifestyle Tips Ever notice how when you travel, you seem to hook up more (whether that’s more frequently or with hotter girls, or both) than you do being in your hometown?