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A news helicopter hangs like a thundercloud above the little brick house in south city.

From this height, the half-dozen cop cars below look like toys scattered across Taft Avenue as the cameraman pans along a perimeter of yellow police tape.

"Obviously, something significant going on in this area," the cameraman says.

"Perhaps related to yesterday, perhaps not." Two young men had been shot to death the night before.

"He had a nice little family going – the American dream," Peggy says.

"They'd come over to our house for barbecues and get-togethers." Jamie says, "She had us all fooled.

There is particular interest in the tape and the house we are showing you now." The tiny figures of cops pace across the street corner.

The chief of police has arrived and is huddled with a small cluster of officers.

He met Peggy in 1987 when he was nineteen and she spotted him playing guitar with the garage door open. When their boys were little, it only seemed natural to bring them along to listen to the bands and snack on food from vendors.

She was six years younger, but in those days she could put on some makeup and slip into the Macklind Avenue bars with him to listen to hair metal bands on the jukebox. "So innocent." They would go as a couple to Bevo Day and school picnics at St. "We felt like we were kings of the neighborhood," says Peggy, who still bears a slight resemblance to the Elvira poster on the family's living room wall.

The worst of it was a heroin overdose at age fourteen.