Cheryl has a closet full of uniforms and casual clothes, but nothing fun and flirty to wear for an important date night. Our guest expert Roze Merie Cuevas, head designer at Jacqueline Conoir, had these tips for us for styling Cheryl: We headed out to the shops to find a dress to celebrate Cheryl’s womanliness.

We quickly came across a figure-flattering dress, then dressed it up with accessories.

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The slip was definitely more of a standard slip, but in a strange plastic-y fabric. They do have a hem though so if you’re wearing a dress with thin fabric, the hemline could show through.

It claims to smooth and slim, but honestly it was so paper thin that it did nothing for me, and the straps felt like they were going to snap because they were so thin. It had built in silicone dots at the waist for no-slip control.

That’s a by-product of her age and likely her own distorted ideas about getting older.

Guys in their twenties and early thirties have little to cull from when it comes to dating older women.

You’re right that they have experience dealing with post-baby bodies and understand that pregnancy can drastically change a woman’s body. I rolled my eyes when I listened to Miley Cyrus’s interview with Matt Lauer the other day.

She went on and one about how she had heard that, when people turn forty, they become less sexual and stop having sex.

She suggested we add more sparkle and colour with accessories to help make Cheryl the centre of attention on her special night.

Please note: opinions expressed about fashion and beauty in this article are just that: our opinions.

The shorts were my least favorite of the three Spanx pieces I tried, and definitely not as good as the Commando or Yummie ones.