As soon as you get it, please give me a call Oh, make it twenty - you're so handsome and tall.When I fell in love with you, it made a wreck of me. My pulse beats like a kettle drum and keeps me up at night.I feel so dazed and dizzy that it's hard for me to see. My stomach hurts and I go down as if I've got the bends.

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Eine Träne, dicht gefolgt von vielen mehr, kullert mir über meine Wange. Oder bist Du anders wie der Rest und hältst mich einfach nur ganz fest?

Deshalb hoffe ich, dass mich bald jemand von meinen Scherzen erlöst und mein Herz wieder zusammensetzt!!! Wirst Du mit Deinen Freunden über mich lachen und Dich einfach nur lustig machen?

I love the silly things you say I love that you always brighten my day I love the random things you do. When I first looked at you, and you looked at me, I blushed and smiled with glee.

I felt so loved by you You gave me everything that I asked you to.

I loved the way the way you talked to me , your voice sounding so pure.

I loved how I told you everything, this I know for sure. Du küsst mich, doch deine Lippen berühren mich nicht. Ich möchte Dich noch einmal sehen, Dich noch einmal in meinen Armen halten, Dich noch einmal küssen. Ich sehe dich rennen, doch du bist schon lange stehen geblieben.I loved the way we got competitive, when we played those computer games, I loved how we spent all year together, and you never not once changed.Yes, sometimes you had your moods, but they never lasted long, I always cheered you up, because we always got along.I loved everything about you in every possible way and the truth is I'm still in love today Love how you always understand I love it when you hold my hand I love it when you make me smile And how you never make me cry.