Our first year of marriage, we had finished cash flowing our wedding (adding to my parents’ contribution) and paid off over ,000 in school loans.We are kicking the last ,000 in the butt by this fall!I have never made a late payment, I don’t owe a cent to the credit card companies (in fact, I pay my cards off TWICE a month), I invest and save for retirement, and I know my credit score. Cleaver fantasy might be fun, I know that I want a girl who wants to make a difference in her life and the world. While chlamydia can be treated with amoxicillin, it takes a lot more than a pill to treat bad credit.

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We both had good credit but were also honest about each having significant grad school debt.

Once we were engaged, we fully disclosed all finances and started making a plan for marriage.

It turns out this credit score and dating thing is not just a fad. Even if you are a perfect 10 in the club, you may need to be a perfect 850 for your relationships to stand a chance. I know that while I was on the market, I took finances to heart.

I would look at a girl’s career and education just like an employer.

Even consumer debt doesn’t seem to be stopping people. I went through the same thing and left grad school with $40,000 in debt, but due to those things you mention, I was able to pay it off fast and find my very own hottie.

If having good credit, solid financial grounding, and the ability and desire to save for retirement was actually a turn on, I’d be beating hotties off of me. Reply We talked about credit scores after we said we loved each other and were on our first trip together.He said, “You know, it’s so nice to be dating someone gainfully employed.” He had to carry the weight money wise in all previous relationships, which I could definitely see getting old pretty quickly. I always pay for the first few days with someone new, but if I am in a long-term relationship I appreciate sharing costs evenly.I am happy to be dating a wonderful girl who contributes to the costs of our relationship.Grown up women are much smarter and more mature than their 16 year old counterparts, but I think that helps guys like us in the long run. It was hard for people to get loans while she was in college and college was definitely the right thing for her. Po P and I started dating, I let him pay the first couple of times because he insisted.Reply If I did this I never would have dated my girlfriend. But then when we started switching off, he was so funny.Honesty in dating and engagement has led to our monthly financial talks being fun and something we look forward to instead of dreading like many couples. I love hearing about couples teaming up to take down their debt and meet financial goals together.