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Minor surface scratches /scuffs, see photos, cork bottom is missing., Country/Region of Manufacture: United States, Item: Table Lighter, Name: VU Lighter, Color: Black, Clear and Chrome, Company Name: Jay A.

Cigarette lighter collecting is a hobby that never gets boring.

He created the precursor to the lighter, which he called the Feuerzeug (often referred to as ‘Döbereiner’s Lamp’).

The device created hydrogen gas in a tube from a reaction of sulfuric acid and zinc together, which would ignite after passing through a platinum sponge.

By keeping them inside metal cases, they stopped the danger of pocket fires.

This shape, roughly rectangular with rounded edges, became the prototype for almost all cigarette lighters.

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The basic shape of the modern cigarette lighter can be traced back to its ancestor, the match holder.

In the 1800’s, safety matches had not yet been invented, so match users were victims of accidental ignitions far too often.

This metal matchstick is then struck to a flint, igniting the fuel-soaked wick inside the tube.