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When you were teenagers, the mall food court was a popular hangout.

You could wash down a slice of pizza with an Orange Julius smoothie and then get a huge pretzel with nacho cheese. )Now, food halls are pretty much the grown-up equivalent to food courts.

Many have cooking demonstrations, crafts, live music and beer gardens.

Block off a whole afternoon for optimum sampling, shopping and exploring.

Eat beforehand, order some sodas, or take advantage of drink specials, and team up to answer some quiz questions.

Take a trip to an arts and crafts store — or even a thrift shop or dollar store if you want to make it even cheaper. You and your partner can indulge in the sense of mystery, and maybe even stumble upon an unexpected opportunity, like a community event or hole-in-the-wall restaurant, giving you future cheap date ideas.

Once you do, you can both put your names on the little notebook inside the capsule and commemorate your first date forever.

Trivia nights usually charge a or cover charge, but anything after that is up to you.

But labeling that time together as a “date” just makes it feel extra special and gives you the impetus to plan something fun. If you need some ideas, Goodreads curates a list of books for book clubs and it’s got a mix of classics and newer titles.

But are you really spending quality time if you’re just sitting in the dark, side-by-side in silence?

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